We own a large portion of solid minerals in Okpella, Edo State.

We’re in the process of putting up a quarry.

Okpella, has in great Commercial quantities, high quality POLISHABLE (BALMORAL)GRANITE (export quality), Tourmaline, Limestone(Dolomite 20% and Calcite97%), Columbite/Tantalite (Grade 13-18),Feldspar (Ceramic grade), Clays (30-50%), Gold, tin, Lead, Zinc ,Silver and Gemstones (Beryl, Aqua Marine, Tourmaline, Lithium, Amethyst, Emerald), Mercury, and Platinum. It is rumored to also posses Diamonds.

The Valley within Iddo which is part of my area has Gem Stones.

At present, we have more than 150 Expatriate workers in the 2 Cement Factories, the BUA and the Dangote Cement Factories in the community.

We are also offered about 50 Hectares of Lithium in Oyo State of Nigeria.